Tire Cover-Supreme
Tire Cover-Supreme
Tire Cover-Supreme
Tire Cover-Supreme
Tire Cover-Supreme

Tire Cover-Supreme

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Tire Cover - ''Supreme"

Each cover is custom made to fit your individual tire size.

Side material:Black eco-leather, in eco-leather is sewn a band with which the cover is fixed from the back of the wheel rubber band.

Front material:All our images are printed on high end, UV marine Eco-leather, using UV inks that are etched into the material, inks are rated up to five years. Not vinyl heat stickers on syntetic  cloth type material. We also custom manufacture each order to your specific tire size with a strong elastic cord for a secure tight fitting.

You don't need any installation skills, it's very easy to put in on the spare tire.

The most popular tire sizes are listed in the drop down menu.

If you don't see your size in the drop down list, please contact us with your size because all sizes are available to made.

These are non returnable since they are custom made. 
Please double check your tire size at

Eco-leather:For Eco-leather(also known as artificial leather, leatherette, faux leather, vegan leather and pleather) is a kind of environmentally-friendly leather that fulfill the requisite of UNI 11427:2011 rule.
Eco-leather is not a synthetic leather, that, differently from the first one, doesn’t have any animal origin.

Eco-leather charecteristics:Inside the production process of Eco-leather, the use of chemical products is lowered and limited for all the tanning and disposal process.
Eco-leather is tanned through rigid protocol of UNI rule, and, differently from leathers tanned through other standards that don’t limit the use of chemical products during the tanning, it is more precious and natural. Less chemical products we use, more precious is the leather and more easily it will change its color if exposed to light. It is a characteristic of a high-quality product.

These are the characteristics of eco-leather:

  • low environmental impact compared with normal leathers;
  • unique and nonuniform coloring;
  • imperfections and natural features;
  • softness to the touch;
  • long life;
  • easy to clean and wash;
  • nontoxicity;
  • unique softness;
  • sustainability.

Shipping :
Always we provide tracking number note that the item was sent in 3-5 working days.
The maximum it takes is 24 working days to be delivered.

Buyers are responsible to pick up their order from the local post office.
If any questions feel free to contact us, we reply within 24 hours.

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